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Indian Head Massage

Held in high regard by everybody who has had them, they are hassle-free & very effective. Brought over from India in the 1970’s, it is one of the lightest forms of massages & its techniques gently release tension by covering the pressure points of the shoulder, neck & head.



Who is it for?: A perfect solution to todays high-pressure fast-paced lifestyle. This particular massage suits those who tend to build pressure in the neck & head resulting from stress. Indian Head massage is suitable for & will benefit everyone from the stressed-out teenager, the busy young professional, & the hectic parents who need a dose of ‘me time’. Due to the seated position & the no need to remove clothing, this is also a very popular option for the self-concious, the elderly, & on-site in the buisness environment.





What can i expect from a treatment?: After an initial greeting & short chat regarding any existing health issues you will be asked to simply take a seat (normal chair or on a massage chair) & relax. We do not use oils for Indian Head massage so there is no need to remove clothing (light clothing such as a shirt or t-shirt are perfect). Your masseur will stand behind you to give the massage, starting from between the shoulder blades, moving up around the shoulders, drawing up the sides & back of the neck, then on to the scalp muscles. Pressure points on the forehead, temples, cheeks & ears are also triggered. Due to the nature of the massage the hair can often be left ‘ruffled’ but research shows that this stimulation of the folicles is healthy for the hair / scalp.



Available as a treatment on its own or added to a relaxation or sports massage, you will love the benefits of Indian Head massage & not be disappointed!


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