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Quality Sports Massage Service in Hessle Offering Relaxing Massage & Sports Massage in the Hull Area.

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If you are looking to relieve tight muscles, stiffness, knots, ‘trapped nerves’, stress or just want to feel more supple, then you’ve come to the right place!


90% of clients are the every-day people of Hessle & Hull, we all have the same muscles so don't worry if you're not 'sporty'. Our friendly & professional masseur James, can help you relax, relieve your muscle tension & get you feeling back at your best.


We are focussed on offering the best sports massage service in Hull. But it's not just about a great massage, James actually explains why your muscles have become tight, plus demonstrates the most effective stretches / exercises to resolve the issue & stop it from reoccurring. 

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Your Masseur: James

Sports Massage

We use a range of deep tissue massage techniques (at the right pressure for you) designed to help the muscles recover back to full function. Perfect for treating back pain, shoulder stiffness & tight leg muscles.


Right now we are pleased to offer a 30 minute session for £30, a 60 minute session for just £45 and a 90 minute session for £65.



Ultrasound Treatments

We have the very latest in Therapeutic Ultrasound equipment to compliment your massage treatment. Perfect for joint Ligament & Tendon related injuries, painless & FREE as part of any paid massage session.



We're on Livingston road, Hessle, Hull. 

Professional treatment facility &

ample FREE parking.


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Mike Melvin

Hull Massage 5 Star Review

James identified my problem straight away and devised a plan especially for me. He was always available for advice and now I am back on the golf course enjoying my game.

Dr. Mali Aghelnejad

Hull Massage 5 Star Review

Regular massage sessions with James has helped relieve the muscle tension and pain I was having. I strongly recomend him.

Dr. Stephen Summerfield

Hull Massage 5 Star Review

From James' sessions I know that effective sports massae is much more than just the laying-on of hands or manipulation of tired muscles. A deep understanding of the biomechanics and the...

Craig Flanagan

Hull Massage 5 Star Review

I go to James for massage because he is very professional and creates a warm friendly environment. Afterwards you always feel chilled and relaxed.

Vikki Capell

Hull Massage 5 Star Review

I suffered with lower back pain for some time then heard about James' massages so decided to give it a try. Within 3 sessions my lower back pain had gone & now I just have a full-body massage every 4 weeks or so just so keep me feeling relaxed. Thanks James, 

Key Benefits of our Massage Services


Unlock Stress and Tension

Take Time for Yourself

Release the Pressure of Modern Life


Boost Performance and Recovery

Vital to Your Progress

& Fitness Goals


Relieve Back & Neck Pain

Reclaim Your Natural Movement

& Feel Supple

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