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Hull, HU13 0EG.

About Us

Hi, I’m James, thanks for visiting my site. I am a Hull based personal trainer and have been working in the health and fitness industry since 2003. My passion is keeping people physically healthy in all aspects of life. Through my research I have realised that this ultimately comes down to releasing tension in the body, so I have focused my work in this area.

The first time I had a massage myself I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt afterwards, I didn’t know I was holding so much tension. It was then that I decided to become qualified in deep tissue (sports) and relaxation massage. I wanted other people to experience this feeling too as I know it has an important place and huge potential in today’s high pressure society.

Since qualifying as a masseur my work has gone from strength to strength. I introduced my existing gym and class clients to massage and they have reaped the benefits of it, both inside and outside the gym. Referrals from such clients quickly spread and I have built a sound reputation as the ‘go-to’ man for boosting health, maintaining health, speeding recovery, and body relaxation.

As well as running I also run Occupational Fitness Ltd, a company that drives my passion and the messages above but in a workplace setting. We focus on increasing hydration, reducing muscle tension and fighting the dangers of sedentary work. Our work is pioneering the workplace well-being ethos and we’re relentlessly getting today’s big companies to realise it’s benefits.


Thanks for taking an interest, or just being nosey.