For bookings call James on: 07989 663 885
We are based at: Your Next Level Fitness
Livingston Rd, Hessle,
Hull, HU13 0EG.


Recent events:

KCFM Radio Live massage!

The KCFM team heard about all the great work is doing and decided to come along & experience it for them selves – first hand! Click the KCFM logo to see what happened.



ScanSouce’s office in Hull asked to deliver a full days on-site massage for their staff.

This was to show the company’s appreciation of recent hard work by all the Scansource team.

Great feedback was recorded from the day we hope to build on this success in the future. Click the pic for more details





Up-coming Events:


Lilac Cafe is a catering business which stands for Lifestyle Initiatives Launched Against Cancer.

It delivers exceptional buffets & serves imaginative snacks, all superfoods. Lilac cafe & are starting to work together to offer relief to cancer sufferers & their carers.






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We at are also on the verge of setting up pre-exercise massage stations with local running clubs and post-performance massage sessions onsite for local theater companies. Watch this space!