A massage is the perfect way to reward yourself (or a friend) and unwind. A relaxing massage will give you many of the benefits of the deeper massages we offer but with a lighter touch. It will help you to ‘switch-off’ from the pace of everyday life and truly relax, both phyically and mentally.


Who is it for?

Everyone enjoys our relaxing massages! From our business clients who find this is an effective way to de-stress from their hectic schedule, to those who want a good excuse to pamper themselves a little, to our senior clients who prefer this style for feeling renewed.

Warming strokes

Your massage will begin with a series light strokes to soften the muscle. This simulates muscle sensors which makes the muscle more supple to work with. It also relaxes the client and makes the client more comfortable for the whole treatment.

Muscle conditioning

We use techniques that increases circulation to your muscles, generating a soothing heat which further enables the muscle to further release any tension. Relaxing massage also helps aid your lymphatic system, removing toxins from around the body cells so that you’re clear to function at your best.


Joint mobilising

Your masseur may guide you through a few joint mobilisation techniques either just before or immediately after the actual massage element. These slow steady movements stimulate blood flow to the area and can prove the effectiveness of the massage treatment itself.


In some instances, you may benefit from you treated muscles being stretched out afterwards. Your masseur is trained to guide you through these so that they raise the effectiveness of the massage element whilst working within your comfort zone.


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