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If just the great feeling afterwards isn’t enough, here are a few more reasons why you should book in for a Relaxing massage, Deep tissue sports massage or Indian head massage with us:


  •     Eases muscle tension & is vital for postural correction
  •     Very effective at reducing mental stress levels!
  •     Releases ‘knots’ in muscles from high intensity exercise
  •     An important part of injury rehabilitation
  •     Speeds up exercise recovery / aching muscles
  •     Improves circulation & blood pressure
  •     Helps your body’s lymphatic system remove toxins
  •     Helps improve sleep quality
  •     Improves muscle performance function and strength
  •     Improves muscle flexibility



New clients often can’t believe how good they feel after one of our massages, they didn’t realise how much tension they were holding!  Now they know how awesome they can feel, many continue to book in with us every 5 weeks or so to maintain their health. Why not book in and experience it for yourself?



So why book in with US? Well, during the massage treatment some people like to relax, but most clients ask for our guidance on related health topics. So you can request FREE advice on:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise to meet you goals
  • Back pain
  • Sleep quality
  • Posture & bio-mechanics
  • Workplace health


We pride ourselves on providing a thorough service of high value!

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